PSP50112 Diploma of Government

Course Information: This qualification covers the competencies required for independent and self-directed work in the public sector. There may be supervisory responsibilities rather than specialist management competencies, which are catered for in the Diploma of Government (Management). The qualification is particularly suited to those working in an environment where there is a range of responsibilities which are diverse in nature rather than within a narrow specialisation and/or they work in small or regionally based organisations.
Nominal Hours: 530
Part Time Duration: 36
Full Time Duration: 18
Minimum Units: 11
Select Stream:

Unit CodeUnit Name
PSPETHC501BPromote the values and ethos of public service
PSPLEGN501BPromote compliance with legislation in the public sector
PSPGOV504BUndertake research and analysis
PSPGOV502BDevelop client services
PSPGOV514AFacilitate change
PSPOHS501AMonitor and maintain workplace safety
PSPGOV512AUse complex workplace communication strategies
PSPGOV505APromote Diversity
PSPGOV519AManage performance
PSPGOV511AProvide leadership
PSPGOV506ASupport workplace coaching and mentoring